Using Artificial Intelligence, Olive automates repetitive, high volume tasks, and provides true interoperability by working with the MEDITECH implementation you already have in place.

No Integrations

Olive leverages log-in access instead of expensive and time-consuming HL7 and API integration

No Staff Training

We assign Olive the tasks she needs to complete, and she reports progress along the way

No System Replacement

Olive automates the tools you already have in place, and provides true interoperability

Customer testimonials

“One of our biggest metrics is our days in accounts receivable, and we anticipate Olive being a huge factor in reducing them.”

Linda Lane
Director of Patient Financial Services,
Hancock Regional Hospital

“We’ve been working with CrossChx to develop where we can deploy this artificial intelligence in our system, and frankly, I’m overwhelmed by the number of opportunities.”

Mike Hagan
AVP of Revenue Cycle Operations,
Meadows Health

The Old Way

Healthcare executives are unaware of just how much manual work is being done by front and back office staff. Here is a quick example of how many manual tasks are required to complete an order management function.

The New Way

Olive allows healthcare facilities to automate order management for this organization—but that’s only one of several examples. Olive is being used for eligibility, prior authorizations, claims processing, and more.

Olive is proud to work with the following MEDITECH organizations
…and many more

What can Olive do for your organization?

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Olive builds artificial intelligence and RPA solutions that empower healthcare organizations to improve efficiency and patient care while reducing costly administrative errors. Olive puts a blue collar on artificial intelligence and lets it manage the repetitive, high-volume tasks and workflows that machines do best, leaving the tasks that require creativity, empathy, and passion to people.