Gundersen Health System is now using Olive’s AlphaSite: an onsite AI command center

Gundersen Health System transforms operations with AI command center

Olive AlphaSite powers scalable AI workforce to lower healthcare costs and improve patient experience

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 16, 2020 – Gundersen Health System (La Crosse, Wis.) is now using Olive’s AlphaSite, an onsite, artificial intelligence (AI) command center, to transform its system. This investment in innovation will allow Gundersen to harness the power of AI to automate critical, yet labor and data-intensive tasks.

“Healthcare is evolving at an incredible pace and demands for lower costs and enhanced efficiency and innovation are essential for future success,” says Jerry Oetzel, Chief Financial Officer, Gundersen Health System. “The Olive AlphaSite allows our system to rapidly shift operations for the benefit of patients and our staff.”

According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of healthcare decision makers intend to implement automation technology within the next two years. With an Olive AlphaSite, productivity and performance improvements are delivered throughout health systems at an accelerated pace.

As Gundersen’s staff continues daily work centered on great patient care and experience, the AlphaSite operates as an extension of their team. Staffed with dedicated Olive engineers and project managers, the AlphaSite automates some of the highest-volume and most costly, repetitive, time-consuming healthcare tasks to decrease days in AR, increase cash acceleration, and collect from secondary payers more rapidly. Gundersen employees can shift their focus to critical operational and strategic work to benefit patients and workflows between departments. Initiatives will begin within the Gundersen Finance and Revenue Cycle departments, with opportunities for efficiency throughout the system. This program is designed around delivering an exponential return on investment in the first 12 months.

“Olive’s AI workforce is here to deliver results that drive lasting impact on the financial health of the systems where they are deployed,” said Sean Lane, CEO of Olive. “With an AlphaSite, our customers can scale with greater impact and speed. Colocating in a dedicated AI command center creates unique opportunities for agility, partnership and impact. We are excited to welcome Gundersen as AlphaSite 004 and are thrilled to help Gundersen realize their goal of making healthcare more affordable for their patients and communities.”

About Gundersen

Gundersen Health System is a physician-led, non-profit, comprehensive integrated healthcare network headquartered in La Crosse, Wis. We have more than 8,000 employees, including more than 900 clinicians, serving 21 counties in western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeast Iowa. With more than one million patient visits every year across our six hospitals and more than 60 clinic locations, Gundersen’s purpose is to enhance the health and well-being of our communities and enrich every life we touch. Learn more about our excellence in patient care, education, research and something we call Love + Medicine at

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