Boosting Culture & Balance with Olive Vacation Getaways

Boosting work-life balance off the grid with Olive getaways

Challenging the status quo has always been at the root of our culture here at Olive. Technology is a tough industry and creating an AI solution to truly transform the healthcare landscape could be seen as a daunting task. But at the Olive Hub, or headquarters, you’ll see the word “sacrifice” painted against the winding staircase wall. That’s because the people behind Olive are ready to throw down the gauntlet to create a better future for healthcare. It’s a reminder of what our mission is and why we come to work, each and every day – to engineer a better healthcare system for all.

While the people at Olive are dedicated to making a difference, we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t hard work. For that reason, creating a balanced lifestyle for Olivians and their families has always been at the forefront of our employee benefits.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we aren’t exactly known for our warm weather or white sandy beaches, so we decided early on to buy a condo vacation home for our employees to use at any point of the year – at no cost to them. We call this vacation home our “getaway.”

Expanding Olive’s getaways across the nation

When Olive announced the Grid – our distributed workforce model spanning the country – we realized the need to grow our getaways so this perk could be advantageous to all, regardless of location. On that note, we’ll be announcing our second getaway spot very soon. Sneak peek: we’ve got our eyes on a cozy cabin nestled in the woods for Olivians looking to unplug from the daily grind of city life and plan to launch more as we continue to recruit top talent from across the country. Our getaways program will continue to grow, with two more locations launching this year alone, including a retreat out West (we think our skiers will really love this one.)

Olive is all about the perks

Today, there are many benefits of working at Olive. Free health insurance and unlimited PTO. The ability to work from anywhere with the Grid model. 401k with company match and a wellness program designed to incorporate mental and physical wellness into daily life. But the ability to escape the daily grind in favor of a getaway locale is one perk that we’re especially excited to continue offering to our employees.

Olive is looking for world-class talent and growing fast. Think you have what it takes? Learn more about what it means to work at Olive and check out our open positions here.

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