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Whether you’re a health system, technology company, or consultant, Olive Helps provide human workers the information they need – right when they need it. Olive Helps human workers transform into superhuman workers through real-time intelligence that improves the quality, speed and impact of their work.

Sean Lane, Olive CEO

I’m extremely excited to announce our newest platform: Olive Helps. This platform works hand-in-hand with human workers, using cybernetics to provide real-time intelligence while they're handling their most critical tasks. We know that Olive Helps increases efficiency, reduces errors, and ultimately increases the ROI of our human workforce with AI.

– Sean Lane, Olive CEO

Demo Olive Helps: Healthcare’s Sidekick

Olive’s been hard at work on this completely new product for the healthcare industry. Ready to experience the value of a superhuman sidekick firsthand? Book time with a cybernetics expert and learn how Olive Helps reduce friction, increase efficiency and supercharge your organization.

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Whether you're a technology company or health system, Olive Helps increase your market reach and enhance your customer engagement using attended bots.

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