Transforming healthcare
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With Olive’s Go1 coach, we’re taking healthcare AI further and farther than it’s ever gone before, so leaders and their communities can see firsthand Olive’s enterprise-changing power.

Going where we’re needed most

Olive’s ability to identify where we can have an impact the most extends beyond our AI solutions. With Go1, we’re showing up to support those who are being asked to do more with less than ever before.


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Driving unparalleled levels of
efficiency in healthcare

We’re hitting the road on a mission to support our heroes and provide the disruptive innovation that healthcare desperately needs. Come see for yourself with Go1! Because now is the time to change. To start your AI transformation journey. Now is the time to go.

Create your roadmap for
turning AI into ROI

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Olive workers in Go1 coach

Collaborate with Olive

Key meetings, product showcases, free assessments or even ribbon cuttings – we’ll work alongside you in solving your challenges and meeting your needs.

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Experience the AlphaWall

Treat your eyes to our cutting-edge real-time data visualization tool. View what Olive’s working on and her performance, identify automation candidates, as well as current and projected savings.

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Demo Olive Helps

See the value of Olive’s AI workforce first-hand and discover how things like Olive Helps can supercharge your team and increase the ROI of your human workforce.

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Giving back

Go1 is just another way we’re showing our commitment and support to ensuring every community across the nation gets the care they need—wherever they are.

What’s on board

We’re on a mission to unleash $1 trillion in healthcare costs.
Here’s how.

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Simplifying the lives of patients, doctors, and hospitals

The healthcare industry is unique and so are it’s challenges. That’s why out-of-the-box automations and cookie-cutter AI won’t work for your organization. But Olive will. She’s all in on healthcare and only healthcare. That means you get custom solutions, dedicated engineering support, and an end-to-end AI workforce that knows a thing or two about delivering results for you, your patients, and your staff – today and down the road.

Meet your AI workforce
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Creating partnerships for better care

Lennon had McCartney, Steve Jobs had the “Woz” and Jordan had Pippen. Behind every success and every profitable venture you’ll find the same thing: a partnership, a community, a group of collaborators with different abilities but a shared vision.

We partner with the brightest minds in health-tech for one common goal: fixing our broken system and ensuring patient care never takes a backseat again.

Partner with us
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Continuing to go above and beyond for our customers

North, East, South or West, Olive goes where she’s needed most. We’re committed to supporting and collaborating with healthcare workers who want to make exceptional patient care priority number one. Enter your information below to see how Olive and Go1 can support your workers and community with surprise and delight appearances.

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It’s not hard to miss this sweet-looking ride when it comes to town but check below to see if we’ll be in your area so you can experience Go1 and Olive first-hand.

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