Harness the power of Olive’s growing wisdom with Deep Purple

AI’s accuracy and efficacy hinges on the quality and volume of its underlying data. But all too often, providers rely on limited information – missing an opportunity to operate at the industry best, rather than their personal best.

Deep Purple delivers unparalleled AI workforce intelligence

Olive enables providers to improve decision making and elevate performance by applying Deep Purple’s expansive industry-wide learning across healthcare.

Tap into growing intelligence with Olive iconography


Tap into a bigger brain

As Olive completes her work, she ingests nearly 20x more information than mere “process completion” requires. Deep Purple gathers this contextual information, allowing Olive to find new connections and opportunities to improve her work.

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Elevate your results

Through Deep Purple’s network effects, Olive improves the precision, impact, and resiliency of your operations by drawing on data from the work Olive has done – and is doing – across every hospital that she serves.

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Upskill and specialize

Olive transcends traditional healthcare boundaries by applying far-ranging insights that Deep Purple amasses – allowing providers to discern patterns and relationships among diverse data types and sources.

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Collects 28x the amount of data in a single day than the Hubble Telescope collects in a week

Contains >2500 CPT codes – about 25% of the industry total

Experience using graph database technology to identify 30M unique patient IDs

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