Empowering COVID-19 Research With Real-time Patient Data

The COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System allows physicians and patients to record the effectiveness of promising COVID-19 drug therapies. The Therapeutic Learning System lets physicians record their patients’ daily progress to quickly discover which new drugs are most effective against COVID-19, their optimal dosages, and how early in the disease progression the drugs need to be administered. In this way, each patient will participate in the fight against this deadly virus.

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Why automate the process?

  • Manually entering data into the TLS can be time-consuming and keep providers from focusing on what matters most — their patients.
  • Automating the process improves both the quality and quantity of information in the TLS system.
  • Automated information gathering from many different sources will expedite the ability for researchers to find the best treatment regimen for COVID-19.

Getting started

Print Server
  • How to install the Printer Server (.pdf) (coming soon)
Secure File Transfer (SFTP)
  • How to set up Secure File Transfer (.pdf) (coming soon)

Don’t I need a Business Associate Agreement?

In response to the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency, the Department of Health and Human Services will exercise discretion on certain provisions of the HIPAA Privacy Rule for public health and health oversight activities.

HHS Notification of Enforcement Discretion under HIPAA in Response to COVID-19

Your patients’ privacy is still of the utmost importance to us and our business associates, and Protected Health Information sent to us will be protected with the same high level of security you’ve come to expect from Olive.

I need help!

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