EHR Implementation Crushing Your Efficiency & Bottom Line?

Productivity can’t stop just because of an ongoing EHR implementation. An Olive AI expert can deliver a rapid assessment that will help you quickly increase efficiency, recoup costs and improve the patient experience, during and long after your EHR implementation.

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Detailed, high-value workflow review

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Identification of automation opportunities


Financial impact & ROI

Olive’s Rapid Assessment Works Alongside an EHR Implementation

We recently completed a rapid assessment for another health system undergoing a costly, labor-intensive EHR Implementation. With just a few hours, Olive provided a detailed overview of high-value automation opportunities and their associated financial impact. The health system is now using this personalized assessment to plan for the upcoming year.

Karen Testman, CFO of MemorialCare

“We think there’s just unlimited potential... [Olive] is so different from a typical IT implementation… It’s just looking for the next opportunity where we can roll it out and take advantage.”

- Karen Testman, CFO of MemorialCare

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