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Before Olive, prior authorizations were done manually and tracked on an antiquated system, creating a heavy burden on staff at New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) who relied on paper systems. Staff spent hours on the phone with payers and sorted through stacks of paperwork, causing patient telephone abandonment rates to skyrocket to 16%.

Olive transformed NEBH operations in just a few months. Freed from payer calls, NEBH staff are now able to focus their time on patients. Telephone abandonment rates dropped and have remained below 3% since Olive launched.

Today, the department receives an imaging order, completes a prior auth and schedules a patient within 2.3 days on average, a dramatic reduction from their 11-day previous average.

Optimizing efficiency and patient experience with Olive

Download this case study and learn how Olive’s prior authorization solution led to patients scheduling faster than ever, happier physicians and a strengthened financial position for the hospital.

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