Regional medical center solves prior authorization with AI & increases monthly revenue by 13-25%

Olive case study

A series of staffing shortages left a major prior authorization backlog at Watertown Regional Medical Center (WRMC). Slow turnaround times clogged patient throughput, leaving idle scanners, empty ORs and frustrated patients.

The medical center saw significant improvements with Olive. Now that prior authorizations are automatically prepared, WRMC has cut prior authorization turnaround times by 60%. The faster turnaround on prior authorizations means procedural clinics no longer schedule patients 15 days out – they’re now able to accommodate patients more quickly.

Optimizing efficiency and procedural volume with Olive

Download this case study and learn how Olive’s frictionless prior authorization solution helped Watertown Regional Medical Center decrease patient wait times and dramatically increase procedural volume and revenue across multiple service lines.

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