The Grid: No better place to work and grow.

Our flexible, distributed work model, called The Grid, is much more than just remote work. Check out how it connects, empowers and engages every Olivian.

Small teams move mountains.

When you’re leading the entire healthcare industry out of disconnected darkness, working wherever you’re most productive is a pretty bright idea.

Work is something you accomplish, not a place you go.

Monolithic offices are dead. The Grid is alive, and it empowers Olivians with the independence and freedom to live and work wherever they can most effectively drive the mission forward: at home, in a cabin, on the beach or in an office — wherever. In addition, The Grid also includes:

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The Hub



Our HQ in Columbus, Ohio, uses office hoteling so you can dynamically schedule workspaces, work pods and meeting spaces.
AI command centers built within customer health systems that feature dedicated Olivian support teams.
Satallite offices that surround select AlphaSite metropolitan service areas or cities where 10 or more Olivians are located.
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A thriving office culture, without the office.

The Grid helps ensure our processes, norms and culture are fine-tuned to support how you work and live, not where. From the use of leading productivity tools and cloud platforms to policies like No Meetings Wednesdays and highly transparent communications, we are committed to the well-being and growth of our remote, mobile and dynamic team.

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Built on a foundation of inclusion, diversity and belonging.

Working on The Grid is not like working “remote” where it’s easy to feel isolated, ignored and disengaged. Instead, you’ll find common purpose and numerous opportunities to connect with other Olivians. These include dedicated private Slack channels, Employee Resource Groups — our employee-led cohort network that unites and empowers Olivians with similar traits, experiences or interests — virtual coffee groups and 1:1 meetings that randomly pair two teammates together for short chats. Oh, and pets. Lot’s and lots of pics of pets.

You are now free to work about the country.

Olivians can freely move from The Hub to any substation across the U.S. based on personal preference or customer needs — we even encourage like-minded Olivians looking to create a Substation in a new market to lead the charge.

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Open positions

We’re looking for world-class talent and growing fast. Check out our open positions below. Don't see what you're looking for? Check back soon because we're continually adding new positions and hiring at a rapid rate.