Every step counts in the marathons that matter

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Why the Boston Marathon?

Healthcare can feel like a marathon. Too daunting. Too many tedious tasks on the road to delivering patient care. We celebrate the healthcare professionals who run the Boston Marathon and are leading the pursuit of a healthier, more connected future for healthcare.

Olive's 2022 impact in Boston

Here are some highlights from Olive’s activity throughout the 126th Boston Marathon.

$20,566 donated

Olive's 2022 Marathons that Matter challenge generated a $20,566 donation from us to the Boston Children's Hospital Simulation Lab.

1 Team. 20 conquerors.

Team Olive featured nine Olivians and 11 runners from other healthcare organizations. Some ran their first marathon, but all were equally inspiring.

700+ miles

Between Fan Fest treadmill miles and miles run by Team Olive throughout the weekend, we ran over 700 miles.

Every step inspires. Every stride moves us all forward.

We are so proud to be an official sponsor of the Boston Marathon and the B.A.A. 5K, B.A.A. 10K and B.A.A. Half Marathon. We would like to thank the 2022 Team Olive runners for representing Olive in these races and for their devotion to the marathons that matter.

Meet Team Olive

First time or 15th time, every member of Team Olive had their reasons to run the Boston Marathon, whether it was moving forward and never looking back, driving change or just striving to be a better person at the finish line than they were at the start. Click through the slides to meet our runners and see their inspiring stories.

On the job or on the pavement, Olive is connecting healthcare for peak performance

"We're able to help the sickest children. The families in our care come to Boston Children's from all over seeking the world's best science and medicine. With our thoughtful partners, we're meeting these mission-critical needs. Patient families find so much at Boston Children's—a home away from home, a new community, a future bursting with possibility. Thanks to philanthropy, countless children are experiencing life to the fullest. Thank you."

Andrea M. Marlar

Assistant Vice President, Special Events, Boston Children’s Hospital

Andrea Marlar