Why Choose an AlphaSite to Accelerate AI Impact

Why leading health systems are choosing an AlphaSite to accelerate AI impact

How do you implement AI to transform your organization enterprise-wide? That’s the question healthcare executives are asking themselves as they look at AI offerings on the market today. The potential with artificial intelligence and automation is there. But even though 94% of people believe AI can give healthcare organizations a massive advantage1, less than 5% are fully utilizing its potential today. So, what’s the best way to get from the manual, time-consuming, error-prone administrative processes of today to the fast, automated, and accurate AI-driven processes of tomorrow?

  • Our experience working with healthcare customers through AI transformations led us to identify four critical factors for a successful technology transformation:
  • Engaging senior stakeholders across the organization
  • IT partnership
  • Clear communication to staff members about goals
  • Effective process mapping.

Our solution to address these core problems is the Olive AlphaSite. Since launching the first AlphaSite about a year ago, this new model has exploded in popularity – we currently have eleven live AlphaSites across the country, spanning from California to New York.

The best part? Each AlphaSite comes with a 5x ROI guarantee through our performance based contracting model.

What is the Olive AlphaSite?

At its core, an AlphaSite serves as a hub of AI innovation for your organization. AlphaSites use a centralized team of experts to launch and scale Olive’s AI workforce in your specific health system. It’s AI-as-a-Service on steroids. This team sits in your organization, working on your goals and strategy, driving the critical success factors by being present and having quick access to key personnel and systems to accelerate AI adoption across your enterprise. The AlphaSite’s goals and progress are visibly displayed on-site so that your team and entire organization are aligned on Olive’s work and how to make the work most effective.

Each AlphaSite comes with an onsite AlphaWall displaying Apertures, Olive’s real-time data visualization tool. With the AlphaWall, everyone in your organization knows exactly what impact Olive is having across your health system. From how much money she’s saved, to what she’s working on, automations being developed, and even projected future savings – It’s all there, 24/7 serving as a visual display of Olive’s performance.

AlphaSites are staffed with a technical project lead, solutions architect, automation engineers and more. This team gets ingrained in your organization – your vision, your goals, your culture. They become an extension of your health system, hyper-focused on finding the best ways to deploy AI.

We originally designed AlphaSites to be onsite at a healthcare organization, but with the rise of remote work and the realities of space constraints, we now offer other options, from renting a nearby space to an entirely virtual AlphaSite. Each AlphaSite accelerates and extends Olive’s impact and shows the entire organization that AI and automation are a strategic pillar of your health system’s future.

“The onsite location fosters an organization-wide commitment to automation and allows us to view the Olive team as part of our health system, rather than an outside vendor”- SVP & CIO, $1.5B+ NPR Health System

Why are healthcare leaders turning to the AlphaSite model for enterprise AI?

The AlphaSite model is the best road to enterprise-wide automation. We believe in this so strongly that we guarantee a minimum 5X ROI to our AlphaSite customers. We know by working hand-in-hand with a health system, we can facilitate AI adoption and get the tangible results that healthcare needs.

As Lisa Stump, SVP & CIO of Yale New Haven Health System and Yale School of Medicine – AlphaSite 009 – said, “It was this arrangement that I think really sort of sealed the deal for us… As we began to learn more about our own vision for the journey with these tools, the AlphaSite program clearly resonated. That commitment on the five to one return on investment, that level of shared commitment.”

Besides the obvious benefits of 5X ROI, cost savings, and time efficiencies, an AlphaSite sends a clear message to the organization: AI and automation are important and should be an integral part of health systems’ strategies moving forward. This internal show of commitment helps get everyone on board for the necessary changes that AI will bring, so you can maximize Olive’s potential.

Last but not least, our AlphaSite customers get to be the first to learn about and pilot Olive’s newest offerings. In addition to Olive Works, the AI workforce Olive is most known for, we recently launched Olive Helps, the AI sidekick that works alongside your human employees to improve their work. Plus, we currently have three more solutions in development. Our AlphaSite customers help pioneer these game-changing innovations and shape Olive’s – and healthcare’s – future for the better. Olive is constantly innovating and learning with our customers, and our latest discoveries are shared with our AlphaSites first.

Where AlphaSites are making a difference

Our AlphaSite customers are rapidly growing AI’s presence in their organizations, tapping into the power of automation and intelligent insights to transform their operations. From revenue cycle to pharmacy, here are how some of our customers are integrating an AlphaSite into their health system:

  • At Tufts Medical Center, the AlphaSite is helping with COVID-19 testing operations. Olive’s AI workforce went live in two months. Olive drastically increased the rate of registering patients and increased testing rates 7.5x by saving 86% of time during the testing process.
  • Ochsner Health committed to an AlphaSite after Olive successfully automated their prior authorization process, and now has automation opportunities being built across the enterprise.
  • Yale New Haven Health has two live automations and identified over 20 additional top candidate processes, with potential savings of $17M+.
  • Gundersen Health’s AlphaSite is beginning work in their Revenue and Finance departments to decrease days in AR, increase cash acceleration, and collect from secondary payers more rapidly.

Each of these customers saw the value that AI can bring to healthcare. And with the AlphaSite, they can see immediate impact and rapidly scale their AI workforce to drive efficiencies in their enterprise.

Olive Cares about making a difference in healthcare

Olive is designed to make healthcare more efficient, more affordable, and more human through artificial intelligence. With the Olive AlphaSite, we can accelerate the impact of AI and automation, making healthcare better for workers, patients and providers alike.



  1. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/artificial-intelligence/how-ai-can-create-a-massive-competitive-advantage-4-financial-applications.html

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