Sean Lane, CEO of Olive Discusses Artificial Intelligence

Olive’s Four Strategic Maneuvers Explained

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world around us, and the healthcare industry is no exception. At Olive, we’re using four strategic maneuvers to ensure our mission of carving a trillion dollars out of the cost of healthcare with AI is becoming closer to reality.

These four strategic maneuvers, as we’ve coined them, are incredibly important statements about how we will drive healthcare into the future with AI, while building a community of support as we chart the course towards a better future.


Olive’s Four Strategic Maneuvers:
  1. Unattended Bots
  2. Cybernetics
  3. Deep Olive
  4. A.I. Routers


The first strategic maneuver is unattended bots, and is what Olive is most known for today.

Unattended bots are considered the “workhorse” of the AI Workforce. They work massive sets of transactions asynchronously. They chug through big batches of repetitive, rule based workflows, often throughout the night and on virtual machines. They’re critical to generating massive value drivers for organizations that want to reduce costs, improve accuracy, and reduce variability. Within our AI Workforce for healthcare today, the unattended bots are frequently deployed in functional areas like Revenue Cycle, Finance, Supply Chain, HR, and IT.

There’s an amazing amount of innovations that can occur with unattended bots. For example, using unattended bots, we’ve pioneered things in the Alpha phase (everything up until the AI worker starts their first day of work) and the Omega phase (day two of work and beyond.) These systems use technology to find and prioritize candidates for automation, and ensure those automations continuously get better once deployed. In the future, innovations around unattended bots will include finding new workflows to tackle, mapping out that work with ergophonomics, scaffolding the build of automations, and autonomous learning and optimization engines.


The second strategic maneuver is Cybernetics.

Cybernetics is a cross-disciplinary approach to exploring regulatory systems – essentially, it’s the scientific study of how humans and machines control and communicate with each other.
More importantly, cybernetics allows us to create an AI worker to support every human worker in healthcare. It will allow Olive to work side by side, jointly, with a human employee to increase efficiency and accuracy of work – just think of it as decision support on steroids. It likely won’t take the shape of a simple “attended bot” either – instead, it will manifest itself in unique, new ways to optimize human-computer interaction.

2020 will finally bring us the Cybernetic Olive, and we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on the industry.


The third strategic maneuver is Deep Olive.

A terabyte of data is added everyday to our collective data store that acts as Olive’s brain – we call it Deep Purple. But having access to data and understanding how it manifests across your business to improve care delivery are two very different things. That’s where Deep Olive comes in – we have a tried and true methodology for helping hospitals benefit from the intelligence of every Olive deployed across healthcare, so they’re able to reap the collective benefits of new solutions and best practices across the organizations that Olive serves.

Because of the success of Olive’s AI workforce and RPA across the industry, automation projects are also extending beyond simple tasks and into supporting job roles. And with Deep Purple’s growing repository of knowledge, we’ll soon be able to tackle new challenges outside of healthcare administration. One example on the clinical side of care would be looking at a scan and providing clinical support, reducing inaccuracies that lead to delays in the detection and treatment in areas such as radiology, cardiology and more.


The fourth and final strategic maneuver is using A.I. as a router.

Using A.I. as a “router” is a concept that we created to describe the world that we imagine in healthcare, while simultaneously describing the world that doesn’t exist today. It’s both an analogy and a literal concept. In the literal sense, we mean connecting networks – connecting health systems data, patient information, and history. We mean turning healthcare from a series of intranets connected by high-speed fax machines, to a true internet of healthcare connected by AI as the router.

Interoperability is a consistent and growing challenge facing healthcare, and the ability for our AI workforce to transcend those silos opens up great opportunity. One example is quickly identifying a portal outage and alerting managers before a failure, as well as alerting other organizations where Olives are deployed. The internet of healthcare is the next big innovation the industry desperately needs and could raise the bar for people’s health forever. And with the power of Olive, the future of interoperability is closer than we think.

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