Ochsner Health Talks about their AI and Automation Journey with Olive

Ochsner Health talks about their AI & automation journey with Olive

As AI and automation adoption continues to soar, Ochsner Health recently partnered with Olive in an initiative to transform their health system with artificial intelligence. To share their story, Brandon McCord, Director- Strategic Partner of Innovation at Ochsner and Matt Kalina, National Strategic Lead at Olive, sat down for a “rapid-fire case study” at the HFMA Digital Revenue Cycle Conference 2020 – learn the key takeaways from the discussion and listen to the full recording here.

Learn Ochsner Health’s AI criteria

Ochsner is a top health system, consistently ranking for multiple specialties like Best Hospital by U.S. News & World Report. With 40 hospitals, 100+ health centers and urgent cares, and 25,000 employees across Louisiana and Mississippi, Ochsner is a leader in their market striving to provide exceptional care and grow strategically with healthcare AI.

Like many health systems, their journey with AI and automation started by exploring solutions within the revenue cycle. Ochsner wanted to automate the processes that would allow their human employees to work at a higher level. As they started researching automation solutions, top considerations were scalability, enterprise-wide applicability, and advanced technologies beyond RPA. These key capabilities would enable their entire organization – across all locations and departments – to benefit from the AI technology, and Olive fit the bill.

“We wanted something that had an impact on multiple areas, so it’s not just an authorization tool we wanted or a partner for claims status or another eligibility tool, we wanted something that could be all encompassing.” – Director of Strategic Partner of Innovation at Ochsner Health

To date, Olive has scoped more than 1,300 candidate processes for automation across healthcare, from supply chain and revenue cycle, to pharmacy and more, driving efficiencies across an enterprise. The best part? Olive’s getting smarter over time. Her singular brain connects data and insights from all of her customer’s hospitals, creating collective wisdom and global awareness that improves her knowledge and performance. Unlike a standard RPA bot, Olive can provide insights, identify new revenue opportunities, and accelerate impact.

Proof of concept: Olive automating prior authorization

To put Olive’s capabilities to the test, Ochsner started by engaging Olive to automate their prior authorization process. Today, Olive is working 400+ referrals each day, with an 80% decrease in manual touches for their staff – and that’s just Phase 1.

With Olive’s advanced AI capabilities, health systems can quickly move beyond simply completing a task. In Phase 2 of Ochsner’s prior authorization automation, for example, Olive is now reading clinical notes, auto-populating fields, and creating prompts when human intervention is needed.

The Ochsner Health Olive AlphaSite

After Olive transformed their prior authorization process, Ochsner decided to go big and commit to an Olive AlphaSite, a dedicated command center for AI with a team of Olive experts. The AlphaSite will increase Olive’s impact and the speed of deployment, delivering 5X ROI as a baseline commitment for AlphaSite clients. Even with COVID-19 temporarily shifting internal priorities, Ochsner already has two live/in-testing automations, eight in build or design, and 135 total identified automation opportunities across their enterprise.

“The ideas and things keep coming in from different divisions… the more we learn about Olive and the more we learn about our own different areas and different ways to think about how we do things, it provides us with a lot of opportunity… the next 6 months are going to be extremely exciting.” – Brandon McCord, Director of Strategic Partner of Innovation at Ochsner Health

Great AI partnerships yield great results for health systems

Olive is not your average IT solution – she’s the only AI workforce designed specifically for healthcare. As Olive’s proven in over 40 health systems across the country, a partnership with Olive is designed to deliver healthcare organizations meaningful results, from reduced costs to increased efficiency. Curious how Olive could streamline operations for your health system? Learn more about how Olive is changing the future of healthcare with healthcare’s AI workforce.

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