How Yale New Haven Health is Scaling AI with Olive

Investing for enterprise impact: How Yale New Haven Health is scaling AI with Olive

At CHIME20’s Digital Recharge event, Olive’s National Strategic Lead Matt Kalina sat down with Lisa Stump, SVP & CIO of Yale New Haven Health System and Yale School of Medicine, to discuss her organization’s story of adopting and scaling AI. From evaluating vendors to change management strategies and more, Lisa shared how Yale New Haven Health started with AI and what she learned in the process. Missed the event? We’ve got the details here, plus the full recording.

How does AI help with the current challenges healthcare is facing?

Lisa cited rising labor costs, increasing complexity of workflows, reduced reimbursement, and disparate IT systems and data systems as key challenges her organization and the industry are facing. Yale New Haven Health saw artificial intelligence as a solution to these problems and decided to tap into AI to automate time consuming, manual tasks and improve the health system’s financial position. Their leadership team knew the right artificial intelligence partner could create additional workforce capacity and generate insights, which would provide downstream benefits in employee satisfaction and patient experience. AI can be applied in a lot of ways across the whole enterprise, and Yale wanted a partner that could identify areas to improve and had the technology to make those changes.

Yale New Haven Health’s evaluation criteria

Once identifying the need for AI and automation, Yale New Haven Health created clear criteria for evaluating AI vendor partners. For Lisa, this boiled down to commitment to creating value, expertise in the underlying science and technology, a structure and plan for deployment and value generation, clear definition of value metrics, shared responsibility for the journey, and a vision for the future.

“We wanted to work with vendors who clearly had a commitment to creating value. Creating value, not just reducing cost.”

Olive fit the bill. As a healthcare-only AI-as-a-service company, we have a vision of transforming the backend of the hospital. We believe artificial intelligence can fix the broken processes that currently stand between providers and exceptional patient care.

“It was clear to us Olive knows healthcare. There’s a clear vision about fully leveraging the tool in all aspects of our business, from the back office to the bedside. And it’s presented and gives us the opportunity to do this in a way that doesn’t put additional strain on an already lean IT workforce.”

One of the specifics that drew Yale New Haven Health to Olive is the AlphaSite program. The Olive AlphaSite gives hospitals a dedicated Olive team to accelerate deployment and the value of an AI workforce throughout an enterprise. Plus, we commit to a minimum 5:1 ROI.

“It was this arrangement that I think really sort of sealed the deal for us… As we began to learn more about our own vision for the journey with these tools, the AlphaSite program clearly resonated. That commitment on the five to one return on investment, that level of shared commitment.”

What about the perennial question of whether to build or buy? Yale New Haven Health found AI-as-a-Service the more valuable arrangement, with Lisa saying that internal building often leads to “a series of sort of independent, loosely connected bots”.

From point solution to strategic transformation

Yale New Haven Health started by automating the costly prior authorization process because they’re time-consuming transactions for providers and are among the top reasons patient care is delayed. Challenges with prior auths lead to downstream denials, causing organizations to lose revenue and valuable staff time. So, success in this function also highlighted the opportunity for the organization to gain capacity that would increase employee satisfaction and improve the patient experience.

Lisa discussed the change management plan they developed focused on education of their workforce on the benefits of the technology. From creating a clear vision and communication strategy, to training and HR implications, Yale New Haven Health’s comprehensive plan will help them scale AI quickly and effectively, with a positive impact on employees and their capacity.

“The communication strategy to employees was messaged around creating capacity, not eliminating people’s jobs…. People [were] initially skeptical and worried. Within months of using the tool they were asking for us to have Olive do more.”

Today, Yale New Haven Health has two live automations, seven functional areas engaged, and more than 20 automations identified with $17M+ in potential savings.

Lessons learned

Lisa also shared some of Yale New Haven Health’s biggest learnings from their experience so far with AI, automation, and Olive: getting started sooner with what you have, focusing on quick wins, engaging with third party vendors early and often, celebrating success, and most importantly, communicating the strategy to the organization. Lisa consistently stressed the importance of viewing AI as an enterprise strategy that fits within your unique culture and aligns with your goals.

“One of the key lessons is, really communicate this as a strategy to the organization. This is not implementation of a piece of software or digital tool automation. It really is about a strategy for the organization.”

At Olive, we truly believe that AI is more than a solution, it’s a strategy for propelling your health system into the future of care. By deploying Olive throughout the enterprise, we’ll be able to save Yale New Haven Health money – with a five to one minimum ROI – and create workforce capacity that will enable their health system to remain an employer of choice, reduce employee burnout, and improve patient care.

How can Olive help your organization?

Olive’s AI workforce is deployed at more than 40 leading health systems across the country. Learn more about an AlphaSite and how Olive’s working every day, helping to cut costs in healthcare and put humans back in touch with the high-value work they set out to do. We have expertise in functional areas across the enterprise such as Revenue Cycle, Supply Chain, HR and Onboarding, and more. We work with organizations and our proprietary mapping software to identify the highest impact areas for automation and work on those first.


Click here to download the full presentation, so you can learn more about Olive and how Yale New Haven Health put AI to work at their organization.

To learn more about Olive and how she helps customers transform their organizations with AI, you can read our case studies and datasheets here.

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