Introducing Olive: The only AI solution designed specifically for healthcare

Healthcare is unlike any other industry. And because the challenges healthcare workers face are unique, the industry needs an AI solution made specifically for them.

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Olive’s healthcare only approach

Unlike other AI solutions on the market, Olive is all in on healthcare. Olive uses her industry-specific skills to address common bottlenecks when it comes to time-consuming, error-prone workflows. Most importantly, she does it with unrivaled security measures built for healthcare’s changing environment, working seamlessly with common industry processes and technology.

Built for unparalleled security

Olive is built with the complexities of healthcare data security in mind. Olive thinks industry regulations like HIPAA privacy rules, SOC2 compliance and other bot-related compliance issues should be the least of your team’s worries. She’s designed for regulatory compliance, so your team can focus on more human-like issues – like delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Olive is system agnostic

Olive automates a variety of healthcare tasks with speed and ease, because she’s designed to interact with EMRs, insurance portals, and other healthcare applications the same way a human would. And Olive’s capabilities around industry languages and standards are built specifically for healthcare, too – that means she’s experienced with HL7 standards (including FHIR), EDI X12 messaging, and more.

Optimizing healthcare workflows

Olive was specifically developed to work with existing hospital processes, not add to them. She automates industry-specific workflows like prior authorizations and claims processing without adding to your IT infrastructure. Instead, Olive helps you run the tools and technologies you already have more efficiently, more accurately, and at a greater capacity than ever before.

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But where to begin with AI?

At a time where nearly every technology vendor is touting AI-enabled products, it can be difficult to determine where to begin – and what to believe. But unlike other AI solutions on the market, Olive is different. She delivers operational AI specifically designed for healthcare, so your organization can easily see her immediate impact. Olive knows which high-value workflows are good candidates for quick wins with healthcare automation and which workflows are longer-term fits for scaling AI across your organization.

Olive is 100% dedicated to healthcare

The Olive difference

Olive is more than just a basic Robotic Process Automation solution. Her advanced Computer Vision and Machine Learning skills, along with fundamental RPA capabilities, enable her to take an impact-driven approach to AI implementation, providing both immediate and accelerated value to your healthcare organization.

Think of robotic process automation as Olive’s hands

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is used to automate repetitive, high-volume tasks like claims statusing, inventory management, drug authorizations and more. Olive’s RPA capabilities allow her to handle the tedious tasks, so your employees can refocus on the more complex task of delivering care. And unlike human employees, Olive is built for speed and volume, allowing her to work around the clock to save your organization time and money.

Think of computer vision as Olive’s eyes

Computer Vision (CV) technology enables Olive to “see” and interact with a user interface the same way a human would. Other RPA solutions may tout their CV capabilities, but Olive was trained specifically with the dynamic environments of healthcare in mind. That means she’s already worked in Citrix environments, has read scanned documents, and has provided accurate and fast recognition of the information she’s seeing – even when UI changes and updates occur.

Think of machine learning as Olive’s brain

Machine Learning (ML) is what most out-of-the-box RPA solutions are missing today. Simple RPA uses basic logic to replicate repetitive processes – but with Machine Learning, Olive learns these processes and makes smarter decisions and suggestions by using historical data already in your system. This allows Olive to find new connections and opportunities to improve her work and expand the scope and power of your organization’s intelligence.

Olive’s AI-as-a-Service model delivers

Olive isn’t an expert in treating patients, and health systems shouldn’t need to be experts in AI. From finding automations for max ROI, to building, supporting and optimizing your AI workforce performance, Olive does it all. The best part? When one Olive learns, all Olives learn – so hospitals never have to solve the same problem twice (that’s the network effect.)

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The AI-powered hospital is the future

Scaling AI successfully requires a technology that’s built to accelerate impact across your entire health system. Olive automates costly, time-consuming processes across your organization to improve your bottom line, optimize the supply chain to help you spend smart, expedite all aspects of pharmacy, and drive enterprise-wide impact. An AI-powered hospital is also an increasingly important differentiator to attract top healthcare talent. It’s the future. And it can be your future too. Olive helps you go further, faster with a connected AI workforce powering transformation across your hospital system.

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