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Healthcare is unlike any other industry. And because the challenges healthcare workers face are unique – like complex software integrations, overburdened staff, shrinking margins and increasingly strict security and compliance requirements – the industry needs an AI solution made specifically for them.

Introducing Olive: the only artificial intelligence and process automation solution designed specifically for healthcare

Unlike other AI solutions on the market, Olive uses her healthcare-specific skills to address common bottlenecks when it comes to time-consuming, error-prone workflows – from claim status checks and account updates to prior authorizations and more. Most importantly, she does it with unrivaled security measures built for healthcare, working seamlessly with common industry processes and technology.

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Built for unparalleled security

Olive was built from the ground up with the complexities of healthcare organizations in mind. It’s the reason we created our own healthcare-specific login agent – one that doesn’t lower your virtual networks’ security settings or compromise sensitive health information. We believe industry regulations like HIPAA privacy rules, SOC2 compliance and other bot-related compliance issues should be the least of your team’s worries. We want them focused on more human-like initiatives, like patient care.

Olive is system agnostic

Olive was built to work with any technology your organization is already utilizing or accessing. She automates a variety of healthcare-specific tasks with speed and ease, because she was designed to interact with EMRs, insurance portals, and other healthcare applications the same way a human would – only faster, smarter, and more securely. And Olive’s capabilities around industry languages and standards were built specifically for healthcare – that means she’s experienced with HL7 standards (including FHIR), EDI X12 messaging, and more.

Optimizing healthcare workflows

Olive was specifically developed and trained to work with existing hospital processes, not add to them. She automates industry-specific workflows like prior authorizations and claims processing without adding to your IT infrastructure – instead, Olive helps you run the tools you already have more efficiently. Our team has the expertise to know which workflows are good candidates for automation and which are longer-term fits.

Harness the power of automation

Today, Olive is focusing on improving business operations inside and outside of the healthcare revenue cycle, but her capabilities go far beyond that. Using Machine Learning, Olive uses algorithms to find patterns in data without instruction, giving her the ability to learn and improve from each task, uncovering insights and new opportunities to optimize workflows and hospital processes.

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