The AI-as-a-Service

Let’s face it: the current purchasing model for AI is broken. And with healthcare margins shrinking and complexity increasing, wouldn’t it be nice to know the annual cost of the technology investments you’re considering, without any surprises?

Introducing Olive, the only healthcare-specific artificial intelligence solution sold as a service (AIaaS) – that means one simple subscription price and an all-in-one approach to optimized healthcare workflows and improved revenue.

So, how does hiring Olive work?

The simplest way to explain Olive is that she’s like hiring an employee. She earns an annual salary, completes a defined and pre-agreed upon job, and is expected to not only perform, but excel. The only difference between this digital employee and your existing employees? Olive works 24/7, doesn’t get fatigued, never resigns and is less error-prone than a human.

Onboarding Olive

When you hire Olive, our team at Olive HQ will work with you to identify the scope of work and jobs that she will complete (taking lessons from all the other Olives we have deployed at healthcare organizations similar to yours). Next, our team will train her across those processes, ensuring she’s fully trained and functional before she starts full-time. Once live, she works autonomously to manage her ongoing responsibilities, automating routine, high-volume, error-prone tasks.

Is this like any technology you’ve seen before?

Why choose the
AI-as-a-Service model?

Before AIaaS, healthcare systems often looked to new software purchases, consultants, outsourcing, or simply hiring more (and more…) employees to improve and manage their internal processes. And if a healthcare organization wanted to buy AI to automate something, they had to worry about licensing fees, software maintenance, consultants, integrators, implementation costs, internal expertise, managing break / fixes and more.

Even when implementing a new software could be extremely beneficial in the long run, the fiscal impact can sometimes be shocking – aside from the cost of technology and hours of staff time and resources wasted on the integration, if the technology doesn’t prove beneficial, the company has already made the investment. That’s why Olive is ushering in a new approach to technology integration – one that significantly lessens the burden on employees and resources across all departments.

Isn’t it time that the “as a service” model was available in AI?

We think so.

Considering AI & Automation For Your Health System?

A recent survey found that nearly half of healthcare executives prefer a holistic approach like AI-as-a-Service to purchase artificial intelligence – learn why.