Apertures: Keep on track with Olive's performance and value

Accessing critical data about the value of your AI investment is an obvious priority but being able to easily understand that data to turn it into actionable insights isn’t as simple. That’s where Olive Apertures come in.

An entirely unique way to view data

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The value of your Olive workforce – one click away

Apertures are real-time, simple-to-use data visualization tools that give you clear visibility into the value of Olive’s automations. Track Olive’s value when and where you need it – at your fingertips, in your office, or throughout your healthcare organization with Apertures.

24/7 tracking of your key metrics

Unparalleled visibility into the progress of your AI workforce

Customized views of critical data you care most about

Easily digestible data reporting

Browsable Aperture Gallery

View Data from many device types and locations

Featured Apertures

Apertures aren’t a collection of crude gauges cluttering a conventional dashboard. They’re a series of data visualizations that focus attention on the metrics that matter most to your organization – so you can track Olive’s performance, track opportunities, and learn more about Olive’s presence.

Reduced complexity. Increased performance.

Just as Olive continuously learns and improves, Apertures are designed to help healthcare organizations continuously improve. By showing clearly and simply only the custom information your organization needs, you’re given the tools to scale AI across your hospital and increase Olive’s value and impact. Apertures is bringing us one step closer to the AI-powered organization of the future.

Perpetual Impact (Pi)

Understand Olive’s value growth with details on the workflow/CPA in each phase of Olive’s lifecycle.

Daily Performance

Stay on top of Olive’s activity 24/7 by viewing workflow progress to completion for any 24-hour period.

Candidate Process for Automation (CPA)

Identify, evaluate, and implement your automation opportunities with a summary of each CPA at your fingertips.

Visibility into performance leads to growth

Apertures introduces you to a better, real-time way to track your AI workforce achievements than the average metrics, benchmarks, and quarterly reports.