Olive Ambassadors


We are building AI from the ground up—so that it can operate within your current systems and processes, just like any employee would. We believe that for AI to be truly useful, it must be indistinguishable from a human. You wouldn’t expect a new employee to show up on their first day with their own applications to perform their tasks—and neither should your AI.

No Integrations Required

Getting started with Olive

No need to take on additional workflows, as Olive doesn’t require staff training and works with the existing systems and tools you already have in place.

Olive gets an email address

Olive gets a VPN

Olive gets an EHR account

…and access to any other necessary tools

Customer testimonials

“One of our biggest metrics is our days in accounts receivable, and we anticipate Olive being a huge factor in reducing them.”

Linda Lane
Director of Patient Financial Services,
Hancock Regional Hospital

“We’ve been working with CrossChx to develop where we can deploy this artificial intelligence in our system, and frankly, I’m overwhelmed by the number of opportunities.”

Mike Hagan
AVP of Revenue Cycle Operations,
Meadows Health

Olive Overviews

Olive is being used for a variety of workflows in healthcare systems across the country. Check out the overviews below to learn more.

Olive Overview

Prior Authorization

Eligibility Checks

Claims Processing

Order Management

Computer Vision (CV) 
Understands the visual makeup of an interface, and interacts with it based on images. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reads and transcribes documents and images, e.g. PDFs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Automates repetitive, high-volume tasks that are rule-based and trigger-driven. This can include transferring data, filling out forms, and more.

Machine Intelligence
Makes contextual decisions about and within processes.

Optimizing Operations

Artificial Intelligence allows healthcare organizations to automate a variety of tasks including order management, eligibility, prior authorizations, claims processing, and more. AI doesn’t compromise the IT infrastructure you already have in place—instead, it helps you run the tools you already have more efficiently.