Alpha ensures Olive delivers rapid transformation

AI can be transformational – but identifying the right processes to automate and creating a plan for implementation is critical to an organization’s ability to drive efficiency, impact, and enterprise-wide transformation.

Confidently chart the right course for your AI workforce with Alpha

Alpha enables Olive to identify and implement high-value automations, so organizations can confidently prioritize top processes for automation and accelerate time to build them.

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Pursue the highest value processes for automation

Assess and visually map workflows based on speed and impact to prioritize your automation roadmap and project its financial value to your organization.

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Enable ready-made, resilient solutions

Tap into Olive’s rich implementation experience, leading practice methodologies, and skills templates to improve workflow design and rapidly build your automations with ease and versatility.

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Drive enterprise-wide transformation

Accelerate the efficiency and accuracy of workflows across your organization – from revenue cycle and supply chain, to shared services like HR and IT – with a platform and advanced learning capabilities.

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1300+ candidate processes for automation scoped across 10+ functional areas

Time to implement automations decreased 20% YoY (2019-2020)

The right people, processes, and technology to quickly launch, develop, and scale your AI workforce.

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