Artificial Intelligence for the Healthcare Executive, Defined

As a healthcare executive, you want simple answers to foundational questions before you consider AI for your business – What are the most common AI technologies and which make sense for me? What benefit can they provide? Where should I deploy it in my business? Will I be able to recognize immediate ROI?

We want to make sure you have the facts as you consider AI for your organization. Check out our Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare foundational series to get the answers.

Artificial Intelligence 101: 5 Terms to Add to Your AI Playbook

Understanding how AI works is an essential first step to determining its potential fit and benefit for your organization. Read this article to get a foundational understanding of the technologies that make up AI and their intended business impact.

3 Trends to Consider Before AI Deployment

As you consider AI for your organization, you should know the key trends that other executives are encountering in their path to AI excellence. Read more for insight into technology and partner assessment, and other trends.

Operational AI v. A Brain in a Jar

In today’s reality of increasing regulation, increasing wages, and high deductible insurance plans, it’s important that any AI solution considered provides immediate and measurable impact. It can’t be a “Brain in a Jar.” Read more to understand the AI solutions that do work.

8 Tips for Seamless AI Implementation

We caught up with our Customer Success team to learn the factors for success in any AI implementation. Reap the benefit of learnings gained from the teams who have gone before you in their AI journey.