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Olive Ventures is our internal venture studio, marrying great ideas, smart builders and powerful technology.

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By connecting innovative founders and entrepreneurs to Olive’s technology stack and growing insights, we help build industry-changing healthcare companies.
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Bigger ideas, faster timelines

Our regimented studio process provides specialized development support so builders can create world-class digital health solutions. Companies ideate, research and build with predetermined milestones and inspections along the way.

Increased access to funding

When a product is ready for release, the Olive Ventures team expands the solution for broader investment opportunities. An influx of additional funding increases the company’s scale and the product’s speed of adoption.

Publish once, distribute to many

Every task Olive performs reveals new ways to leverage her learning and data, making her platform the basis for digital health innovation. With hundreds of healthcare organizations already using Olive, our studio process enables companies to publish once and distribute to many.

The three pillars of Olive Ventures.

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Venture Studio


Create an ecosystem that enables health systems, entrepreneurs, investors and technology partners to connect seamlessly.
Create and operationalize GTM strategy, design and engineering to further the founder’s vision.
Provide the necessary fuel for new companies to change the industry forever.

A growing track record of success

When you work with Olive Ventures, our success is your success. Here are some of the boundary-pushing companies we’ve helped develop alongside our amazing founders.

Meet the leaders of Olive Ventures

Greg Headshot

Greg Cangialosi

Managing Partner
Head of Investments
Keith Saffles

Keith Saffles

General Partner
Head of Innovation
Joel Chakra

Joel Chakra

General Partner
Head of Venture Studio
Mandy Bortolotto

Mandy Bortolotto

Innovation Partner
Alexis Aiello

Alexis Aiello

Operations Partner
Grace Garry

Grace Garry

Investment Partner
Brandon Pickworth

Brandon Pickworth

Revenue Partner

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