WVU Medicine unlocks long-term value with Olive’s automation platform and revenue cycle expertise

2.4M checks in Q4 2020

29k+ per day

48 digital FTEs added

15 open FTEs not replaced


Learn how adding 48 digital full-time equivalents allowed WVU Medicine to upskill its human workers to focus on high-value, high-touch tasks that improved efficiency and increased revenue.

Doctors talking in office

The challenge

Overwhelmed with repetitive and mundane data entry tasks, WVU Medicine needed a breakthrough automation solution that would not only improve the day-to-day lives of their workers but would also drive impact, deliver long-term value and enable them to better focus on providing excellent care for their patients.

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The solution

WVU Medicine worked with Olive to add 48 digital FTEs to integrate with their EHR and handle the repetitive claims tasks — increasing their daily claims status checks from 400 to almost 30,000 per day. This dramatically impacted cash acceleration and freed WVU Medicine to upskill human employees — assigning them new, more fulfilling responsibilities that have a greater impact on revenue and the patient experience. Following go-live, Olive also reduced net days in A/R from 65 to under 50 days.

The results

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2.4M checks in Q4, 29K+ per day
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48 digital FTEs added, 15 open FTEs not replaced
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$1.1B charges, $310M paid

”Automation taking over claims work not only has improved efficiency and revenue, but also has improved humans’ work because they’re not doing tedious jobs anymore. AI will revolutionize medicine and the delivery of care, and I believe robotic process automation will enable health systems to stay competitive in the market.”

Ilo Romero

Vice President and Assistant CIO, WVU Medicine

”Working with Olive allowed us to realize the long-term value we were looking to achieve. Olive was able to commit to our timelines and understood our technology and our business. The team was agile, able to adapt to changes and make customizations where we needed them.”

Leah Klinke

Assistant Vice President of Hospital Revenue Cycle, WVU Medicine

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