The ‘Olive Helps’ Scheduling Management Loop drastically reduced call time and data errors for MemorialCare

1M minutes

of call time saved

$2M revenue growth

as a result


MemorialCare’s California call center patients were waiting too long to get the help they needed, which created a host of problems. Olive stepped in and revolutionized their scheduling system from the ground up.

Call Center employee

The challenge

MemorialCare struggled with long call times in its California call center, which adversely affected average wait times and the number of calls being tended to. The COVID-19 pandemic compounded this issue with call volume skyrocketing. Employees needed quick, easy access to information on providers, specialties, locations and more, but the systems and processes in place were inadequate. The inefficiencies slowed the process of quickly and efficiently helping patients and increased the risk of mistakes and errors.

Nurse at the nursing station

The solution

Using the Olive Helps Scheduling Management Loop, MemorialCare reduced call center employees' time on each call by surfacing the correct information at the right time. Employees now spend less time parsing through data, which reduces human error. The Olive Loop also allows call centers to tackle a higher call volume with the same number of FTEs – or the same call volume with fewer FTEs – improving the workforce ROI.

The results

Clock showing 4 o'clock
1 million minutes of call time saved per year
Bar chart going up
$2M in revenue growth
hourglass with an arrow pointing downwards
Reduced average call time by 20%

”Utilizing this Loop helped us create both efficiencies and cost savings. We were able to improve ROI by removing steps for our FTEs and making things more streamlined.”

Brian Dowd

Executive Director, Digital Transformation and Innovation, MemorialCare