Essentia gets prior auth decisions up to 5 days faster with Olive’s End-to-End Prior Authorization Solution

50% decrease

in pre-service denial rates

75% increase

in approval rate for P2P


Learn how Olive’s End-to-End Prior Authorization Solution helped Essentia Health remove their prior auth burdens to improve staff efficiency and satisfaction and reduce costs.

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The challenge

Essentia was looking to reduce authorization denials and the subsequent payer-provider friction that typically ensued. More specifically, they wanted to improve turnaround times, decrease required peer-to-peer reviews (P2P), provide staff with faster onboarding and training and increase staff efficiency. Prior authorization denials, write-offs and long turnaround times had produced a costly financial impact that Essentia needed to address.

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The solution

After implementing Olive’s End-to-End Prior Authorization Solution in just over four months, authorization denial rates for imaging were reduced by a dramatic 50%. Patient throughput improved, with Olive helping to determine if a prior authorization was needed up to five days faster than was previously possible. With Olive lifting these weights off the shoulders of their workforce, Essentia has seen a 75% increase in the rate of approved P2P reviews. Output efficiency rates have also increased to 30%+ including submissions per hour and cases completed per hour.

The results

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30%+ increase in output efficiency rates
50% decrease in prior authorization denial rates
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75% increase in P2P approval rates

"Olive has fully delivered everything they said they would deliver to us. They’ve met our timelines, were very attentive during the entire process of the build, were quick to respond back and worked through any issues together. Everything that needed to be resolved was resolved in a timely manner and for go-live, and they were fantastic with my team (the end users) doing the day-to-day work. Anything we needed to make sure my team was successful, they were there for.”

Jamie Madrinich, RN, CMCN

Pre-Service Nurse Manager, Essentia Health

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