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Hi, I’m Sean, CEO of Olive

In my previous life, I was an intelligence officer in the Air Force and spent most of my career at the NSA, solving big challenges as a software engineer and technology leader.

Looking for what was next, I was drawn in by the prescription drug abuse problem that consumed my hometown of Gallipolis, Ohio and impacted my family personally.

I wanted to do something meaningful, and that’s when I started looking at healthcare.

Healthcare doesn’t have the Internet.

I began looking at the data and was shocked to realize that nothing was connected. Huge enterprise systems completely unable to communicate with each other or share crucial patient information. It was — and still is — a growing, multi-billion dollar problem.

Instead, healthcare uses humans as routers, forcing workers to toggle between disparate systems — they copy, they paste, they manipulate data — they become robots. And it’s one of the leading reasons that one out of every three dollars spent in the industry today is spent on administrative costs.

With our sights on solving these problems, my team and I iterated over almost a decade looking for the best way to save healthcare. We knew we wanted to change how hospitals fundamentally operated and we saw a dire need to create efficiency at an administrative level.

Enter artificial intelligence

Suddenly, a lightbulb went on. Instead of building new software to replace the disconnected interfaces, we would build the first healthcare AI workforce to automate the robotic, error-prone workflows themselves, emulating the manual tasks employees were stuck doing — only faster, more accurately and, well, more intelligently.

Today, we call this AI workforce, Olive — the only artificial intelligence and process automation solution designed specifically for healthcare.

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Customers choose Olive for healthcare AI

Olive is proud to partner with over 200 enterprise customers, including health systems, insurance companies, and a growing number of healthcare companies.

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Olive Leadership

Olive’s Executive team has extensive knowledge and experience across both healthcare and technology. But what we share most is a sense of purpose and a willingness to innovate to resolve the most persistent challenges to healthcare. We are dedicated to transforming the future of healthcare with AI.

Sean Lane

Sean Lane

Chief Executive Officer

Sean is a lifelong technologist, having started his career in the U.S. intelligence community before going on to hold multiple lea...

Lori Jones

Lori Jones

President, Provider Market

Lori M. Jones has been an executive in both revenue and operating roles with global 100 companies, growth organizations and startu...

Jeremy Friese, MD

Jeremy Friese, MD

President, Payer Market

Dr. Jeremy Friese, M.D., M.B.A., is a physician executive with a demonstrated passion for improving healthcare, first as a physici...

Rohan D'Souza Headshot

Rohan D’Souza

Chief Product Officer

Rohan is a medical technology trailblazer with a proven track record of spearheading product intervention fueled by artificial int...

Ali Byrd

Ali Byrd

Chief Financial Officer

Ali is an experienced technology CFO specializing in strategic planning, operational excellence and transaction execution for glob...

Brian Rutkowski

Brian Rutkowski

Chief People Officer

Brian Rutkowski has nearly two decades of experience successfully building and growing high-performance organizations ......

Geoffrey Martin Headshot

Geoffrey Martin

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Geoffrey has a passion for leveraging technology to solve the most complex challenges in healthcare....

David Landreman

David Landreman

Chief Technology Officer

David Landreman has 15 years of experience in information technology and driving innovation through the application of the latest...

YiDing Yu, MD

YiDing Yu, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. YiDing Yu, M.D., is a practicing physician, skilled business operator, and passionate public speaker experienced with launchin...

About Us Brock Wanless

Brock Wanless

Chief Legal Officer

Brock has nearly two decades of diverse experience as an attorney and legal advisor, having counseled and led initiatives for publ...

Meet our board of directors.

Olive’s Board of Directors reflect an incredible breadth and depth of healthcare, technology, and investment knowledge and experience. From established Fortune 500s to entrepreneurial startups our directors apply their wealth of experience to ensure Olive’s prosperity and continuously drive her cutting edge AI insights toward reimagining the future of healthcare.

Sean Lane

Chief Executive Officer

Surojit Chatterjee

Chief Product Officer, Coinbase

Eileen Naughton

Former Chief People Officer, Google

Chris Olsen

Partner, Drive Capital

Luis Visoso

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Unity

Kumi Walker

Former Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer, Root

Hemant Taneja

Managing Partner, General Catalyst

Nichole Mustard

Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Credit Karma

Partnering with Olive

Strategic partnerships are critical to Olive’s success. There are many companies out there working alongside Olive to solve the costly challenges facing healthcare. Whether you’re a technology company or a consultant looking to partner with Olive, we'd love to start the conversation.

Upcoming events

We’re booked for 2022. Are you? From HFMA regionals to Becker’s and more, join Olive CEO Sean Lane as he speaks to how AI and automation can increase efficiency and reduce costs for your healthcare organization.

Olive picks those who are driven to make positive change.

Impactful. Pioneering. Willing to go the extra mile. Olive is for people who say no to the status quo and are willing to personally take up the challenge of fixing the healthcare industry. Are you ready to take up the gauntlet?