Automation and intelligence for healthcare

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Improving the future of healthcare

Revenue cycle has long been a point of friction for clinicians and healthcare professionals. Olive delivers automation and intelligence in the revenue cycle to drive the financial health of health systems, elevating humans in healthcare and the care experience.

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A modern tech stack

Built with new technology on a modern architecture, Olive’s automations use standardized, interconnected technology. With industry-leading AI and machine learning, Olive enables faster progress for healthcare organizations.

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Intelligent insights

Olive evaluates healthcare data using a powerful intelligence engine. By unlocking actionable data insights, providers can proactively reduce patient leakage and denials while maximizing revenue capture.

Technology that elevates humans

When technology is designed to work alongside healthcare workers, it elevates human capabilities. Olive’s intelligent automation removes friction for healthcare professionals, improving care experience for patients.

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The future with Olive is autonomous

Intelligent technology requires interconnected systems that can break down data silos and create processes that elevate human workflows.

Read stories of Olive in action at healthcare organizations today

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Renown Health locates more than $500,000 in active primary commercial coverages to support their patients’ care
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Health system gets prior auth decisions up to 5 days faster with Olive's End-to-End Prior Authorization solution
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WVU Medicine unlocks long-term value with Olive’s automation platform and revenue cycle expertise

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