Pay attention. This is the next revolution. The best part is at the end of this article.

This is the thing I would bet it all on (and am). This is the one thing I know will happen. It’s inevitable.

We have spent the last 30-40 years as a humankind putting our work lives into, and onto, software. We have created millions of software applications, and have spent all of our work days migrating our world to them and living our work-life inside them.

We have been building the tools that will enable the next big revolution.

What does that mean?

Super-Connected: Think super in the context of superstructure. Think super as it pertains to being above the base layer. Think connections beyond a single software application. Think connections beyond a single enterprise. SCILBOTS will understand what other SCILBOTS have done at a complete and specific level. They will understand the continuum of what actions have occurred on any entity (think any person, place or thing like an account, customer, product, patient, etc).

Intelligent: SCILBOTS will have the capacity to understand, retain, and organize all the data associated with all the work they do with no exceptions. They will understand context and correlations. And since they are super-connected, they will have the capacity to share this knowledge.

Learning: The SCILBOTS will learn how to do their job better, together. They will start with basic capabilities of supervised machine learning on the left end of the machine intelligence spectrum, and humans will eventually build the cogitative capabilities for the SCILBOTS to advance into the realm of advanced unsupervised machine intelligence. With the power of human innovation that comes along with platform development (like the internet), this will happen faster than any of us can imagine.

So how will it work specifically? SCILBOTS will login to your existing software systems and do 90% of what you do today. And yes, they will do it better. And they should, we’re humans not routers. Our biggest challenge will be to figure out how to scale ourselves up with this new technology reality.

Where will all these bots come from? Developers, geeks, and creators will build hundreds of thousands of them on robust platforms designed specifically to build and deploy these SCILBOTS.

Stay Tuned. CrossChx is building SCILBOTS today and have already deployed them as employees in healthcare. We’ve built, Olive, our healthcare version of the SCILBOT on a homegrown platform. We’re going to release this platform to beta users this year to build their own SCILBOTS. Next year, we’re going to release this platform to the world. Here comes the revolution. Buckle up.