Meet Olive, Your Newest Employee

 With artificial intelligence, Olive leverages the systems and tools you already have in place to provide intelligent automations of healthcare’s most repetitive, high-volume, error-prone processes.

Why Olive?

Innovation Unlocked

Olive delivers accuracy and speed in healthcare operations, to maximize efficiency and profitability across organizations. With Olive, you can do more with the team you already have in place.

Unleash your team’s potential to make big transformations in healthcare.

Developed Specifically for Healthcare

Developed specifically to deliver compliance and security for healthcare—Olive provides the assurance of healthcare compliance out-of-the-box.

Designed to work with hospital processes, Olive speaks the language of your systems, eliminating the need for costly integrations.

AI as a Service

Olive scopes, builds, implements, and supports intelligent automations for one cost. No working with outside teams or consultants—we are your single point of contact through out your AI transformation.

Olive turns AI from science fiction into science function.

With Olive, AI just works.


Olive uses artificial intelligence to automate the most burdensome and error prone tasks in healthcare, including eligibility checks, unadjudicated claims, code matching, and data migrations. Enlist us to scope, implement and automate end-to-end, while you do more in healthcare.

Why We’re Different

System Agnostic


Made for Healthcare

End-to-End Automation