Olive Thinks Humans Should Do Human Things

And AI should do AI things. Olive’s AI workforce makes the nation’s leading health systems more efficient, more affordable, and more human. We’re all about improving your operations today, so you can reinvent the future of healthcare tomorrow.

Meet Healthcare’s AI Workforce

Olive is Designed for Healthcare, and Healthcare Only

Built with the unique challenges of healthcare in mind, Olive works seamlessly with existing administrative processes, system languages like FHIR and HL7, and other technologies. She doesn’t add to your workflows, she optimizes them with unrivaled security measures built for healthcare.

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Olive’s AI as a Service Model Delivers

Olive isn’t an expert in treating patients, and health systems shouldn't need to be experts in AI. From finding automations for max ROI, to building, supporting and optimizing your AI workforce performance, Olive does it all. The best part? When one Olive learns, all Olives learn – so hospitals never have to solve the same problem twice (that’s the network effect.)

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With Olive AlphaSite 5X ROI Isn't a Perk – It’s a Baseline

An AlphaSite gives health systems a centralized hub for Olive’s AI workforce operations, equipping them with the speed, agility, and partnership to accelerate impact and deliver 5X ROI. Ready for a dedicated team of AI experts and 360 view of automation opportunities across your organization?

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Running a Hospital Is No Easy Task

Healthcare leaders face unique challenges like workflow inefficiencies, leaked revenue, and overtaxed employees – did we mention healthcare margins are already razor thin? Health systems know AI is essential to drive efficiencies. But, everyone also knows healthcare organizations lack the expertise and often underestimate the effort and infrastructure required to launch and scale AI. In fact, Finance executives report that they’re almost 2.5X less likely to achieve their anticipated ROI on IT investments than other industries.

Olive Is Different. She Gets Your Health System.

Olive is built for the unique realities of healthcare operations. She knows that onboarding an AI workforce is critical to your organization’s success. She also knows the resources needed to drive impact from AI shouldn’t distract your hospital staff from their mission-critical work – improving the patient experience and your bottom line.

Where Can Olive Have an Impact?

Olive’s Creating a Major Impact – But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.

Harness the Power of Olive

With Olive, you get always-on operational AI that delivers enterprise-wide ROI and optimized workflows. And unlike most AI solutions, Olive’s value increases every moment of every day through shared industry learnings that help Olive extend her impact on your bottom line.

Olive always works at peak performance
Go further, faster with AIaaS model
Olive is all-in on healthcare
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New: Track Olive’s Impact with Apertures

Get unparalleled visibility into Olive’s value and performance with Apertures – a completely new way to interact with Olive in one centralized, real-time data visualization tool. Reduced complexity. Increased intelligence. 24/7 tracking of Olive’s performance.

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Olive Only Picks the Best

Impactful. Pioneering. Willing to do whatever it takes. Olive is for people who buck the status quo and are willing to take up the challenge of fixing the healthcare industry – ready to throw down the gauntlet?

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