Making healthcare more connected and human

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True end-to-end connections between providers and payers

Leading a new era of AI-powered connectivity and interoperability, Olive frees human workers from legacy systems, hand-me-down technologies and mountains of administrative redundancy.


All-in-one healthcare

Olive is the only automation AI purpose-built to solve healthcare’s toughest challenges and provide industry-wide intelligence.

Enterprise automation

Olive’s solutions drive outcomes with greater efficiency, intelligence and connectivity.

Closing the payer-provider gap

Olive improves efficiencies, reduces costs and enhances the patient experience on both sides of the fax machine.

For payers, solutions that deliver results and strengthen partnerships

Olive leverages artificial intelligence to automate processes, deliver insights and encourage true partnership with your network.

For providers, streamlined processes that let you focus on offering outstanding care

Olive gives you an AI workforce that frees your human workforce to spend more time with patients.

Partner with a platform that offers three paths of engagement

Olive partners with companies of all types and sizes to grow their business, expand opportunities and enhance the platform for all.

Explore all of our digital healthcare solutions

With Olive, you get a partner. Not a product.

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AI as a Service

No consultants. No surprise costs. Olive is the only healthcare AI delivered as a complete service.



Identify and pursue the highest value processes for AI and automation.



Enable ready-made, resilient solutions using leading practice methodologies.



Ensure uninterrupted and accelerated performance with 99.8% reliability.



Elevate your results with Olive’s unparalleled intelligence across healthcare.

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Discover how Olive helped one hospital work 4x faster

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