Freedom to Build the Future of Healthcare

Olive gives health systems, and the companies that support them, the power to harness the potential for artificial intelligence and automation. Streamline your high-volume, repetitive and error prone tasks with ease and deliver a superior experience.

Why Olive?

Effortless Productivity

Olive delivers accuracy and speed in healthcare operations, to maximize efficiency and profitability across organizations.

With a platform designed to automate tasks with artificial intelligence, you’ll experience process optimization with ease at scale.

Healthcare first. Healthcare only.

Developed specifically to deliver compliance and security for healthcare—Olive’s platform delivers the freedom of healthcare compliance out-of-the-box.

Designed to work with hospital processes, Olive speaks the language of your systems, eliminating the need for costly integrations.

Innovation Unlocked

Feel the freedom to tackle new challenges in healthcare. Olive automates your high-volume, repetitive and error prone tasks, so you can do more with the staff and resources you already have in place.

Unleash your team’s potential to make big transformations in healthcare.

Finally, a tool that just works for Healthcare.

Olive uses artificial intelligence to automate the most burdensome and error prone tasks in healthcare, including eligibility checks, unadjudicated claims, code matching, and data migrations. Whether you choose to build on our platform, or enlist us to manage the automation end-to-end, Olive allows you to do more in healthcare.

Why We’re Different

System Agnostic


You Build or We Build

Superior Insights

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